Update 5/4/2015

On March 30 another meeting was held with the attorney that was designated to work with us while our primary attorney is away.

The attorney explained to me the options and process for a class action suit. It is complicated and may be prone to extra expenses. The attorney thinks it is far more straightforward to create a complaint listing the involved injured individuals. This is how we will proceed if it comes to this.

HOWEVER: there is new leadership at RHP. Mr. Randy Iaquinto is now the Regional VP in charge of our community. The community manager already communicated with him, and we will re-iterate with the letter from The attorney’s office. I am very hopeful that Mr. Iaquinto will be more responsive to us and we can still avoid litigation: it is in nobody’s interest.

If we do not get a positive response, at the May 30 meeting I will invite all interested people to provide their paperwork to me to be included as an injured party in the complaint. People that already gave me their lease and letter don’t need to give them to me again.

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