LongView website – new appearance

Dear residents:

The spring is in the air, and the time has come to update our web site. This new format will allow everyone to participate via posts or comments, more easily find the information and keep track of changes in chronological order.

Secondly I would like to realize the long standing intention that this site be the face of our community, especially considering that there is no other site on the web that would serve this purpose. I get E-mails and calls from people all over the U.S. considering making LongView their home, and they really have nothing to look at.

We will add pictures, views of the cul-de-sacs that people made so clean and beautiful, the green belts, the clean lawns and gardens and that should show the potential residents what our community is really like.

Update 4/24/15

The executive board met with the attorney on 4/13/15. The attorney accepted the materials we have prepared; however he will be out of town until mid May and therefore designated another attorney to prepare the class action materials in the meantime. Therefore we will be moving forward while our primary attorney is out of town.

In the meeting with the attorney on 4/13/15 I requested clarification on the ramifications of the House Bill 05-1058 for our residents. The attorney confirmed that my understanding is indeed correct: if a resident who has a month by month lease requests a fixed term lease in writing, the landlord must provide it.

To help interested homeowners file such a request I will draft a template that would contain the proper language, run it by the attorney’s office and provide to all interested homeowners. The homeowner will be able to use the template to enter their name, address etc. but the rest of it would apply to all. We will have a Spanish translation of the draft as well.

If the homeowner would rather draft their own letter to the Landlord, please feel free to do so at any time.

I feel this is the least we can do for the month-by-month people who have no recourse from the increase imposed in January: unfortunately, these leases do not contain any language that we could use to revert the increases. HOWEVER: if you have a month-by-month lease and do think that your lease is violated by the increases, please send me an E-mail explaining your interpretation, and it will be analyzed by the attorney.

Old legal materials

Old legal materials can be found by clicking here. I will likely not have the time to migrate the old content to the new web site format, and will refer to any old documents in their original state, if needed. New content will be added in the new site framework.