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Recent events:

We received a reply from HTA to our request to consider freezing rents during the recession. Sorry, they will not do it.

HTA Letter regarding a Subletting and Renting dated October 15, 2008

Minutes from the Community Meeting of September 9, 2008 are available.

We do not seem to have enough residents who are affected by prohibition to rent. If you are, come to the meeting and speak up.

July 2008: HTA has settled the second lawsuit concerning untimely rental increases. Residents involved were reimbursed hundreds of dollars and their rent was set back to past years amounts. This case was resolved to Peace of Mind's satisfaction with reimbursement of the Association's legal fees.

HTA has previously settled a lawsuit protecting a singleresident from illegally timed rental increase outside of court and reimbursed their money.

Minutes from the Community Meeting of 2/12/2008 are available.

The lawsuit addressing untimely lot rent increases is developing. If you are affected and have not contacted us to get included into legal action, do so now.

Minutes from the Meeting of May 18, 2007.

Minutes from the Meeting of February 13, 2007.

Community meeting of November 14, 2006 Minutes : Peace of Mind is proceeding with legal action to resolve mid-term rent increases.

Community meeting of September 19: see the agenda and minutes.

Meeting took place July 18. See tentative agenda here, minutes will be posted here shortly.

Revision of Community Guidelines: please read and send your feedback to


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Peace of Mind - LongView Estates

LongView in Longmont, Colorado - our home community

**NEWS** The recent letter from the office requesting not to park cars overnight in the street actually is, we believe, reasonable. The streets are very narrow. We all see instances when it is difficult to get through when cars are parked on both sides. So, please be considerate and don't park in the street unless you must. If you do have a real need to leave a car or RV in the street, please see Frankie. Be polite, explain what you need. She will actually work with you and give you a parking permit for overnight parking as an exception to the rule. She will also let you park an RV in the clubhouse parking lot and plug it in overnight if this suits your needs.

Welcome to the home page of the LongView residents. It is up to us to improve quality of life in our community! Peace of Mind LVE, a Residents' Association, was formed on June 8, 2005 to help improve quality of life at LongView and protect the rights of the residents.

We do not charge membership dues. Instead, LongView residents are strongly encouraged to contribute $5 per month to the Association's treasury; quaterly meetings are a good opportunity to do this. This money is only used to pay for legal expenses on behalf of all residents, and other minor expenses that benefit all residents. All Peace of Mind LVE Officers are non-paid volunteers.

To join the community E-mail announcement system, send a message to
from the address you want to subscribe.

LongView management's statements that the office can increase residents' rent later than the lease inception date as long as they give us a 60-day notice are not legal. If your lot rent is increased out of cycle, politely explain that the rent can only be increased annually (unless you have the "newest" lease, which may be month-by-month). Insist that your rental increase does not happen until your annual maturity date and remind the office that they were sued twice for untimely rent increases, and will be sued again if needed.

We received a response from HTA on our legal analyses of lease and covenants. This letter does not mean much - it is merely an acknowledgement that our input was received, and we expect no dramatic outcome. However, nobody can blame the residents for not taking a proactive, positively oriented stance in the case, or not trying to cooperate with the landowner. Our letter and the response received should serve us well if HTA cooperates, and even better if it does not.

We have reached resolution on the issue of Community Guidelines.

Important notice: Peace of Mind LVE has NOT gone door to door asking for donations! Be judicious giving money to people claiming to collect it for the community needs. Call one of the contact numbers on the flyer if in doubt. Send your check to our treasurer - phone number and address on the contact list and letters you have received.

  • We now have on file the legal analyses of both the new Lease agreement and the Community Guidelines. Feel free to request a copy of these documents from you contacts. We will not post these important legal documents on the Web in full. It is up to each resident to familiarize themselves with what can not be enforced against them by the landlord.
  • We are not going to argue with Hometown America to change the language in their documents, however we plan to inform them that the residents are aware that certain points in the Lease and Covenants are not enforceable and that we are prepared for legal action should they try to enforce them.
  • We hope that with this knowledge, HTA will never try to enforce these points and we will not need legal action.

Community map available here (160 kb file)

Previous links - History and older legal materials

Minutes of the Board meeting of June 13, 2006.

Jan Bach has not provided us with the complete bill information. We are expecting her to do so, and then we will post the information here.

Highlights of the Meeting of May 9, 2006

Meeting of Tuesday, December 13, 2005: our neighbors want to form a Town.

October 11, 2005 meeting results: some insights from our attorney, Dona Vaticano.

September 13, 2005 meeting minutes

Minutes from August 9, 2005Meeting

Minutes from July 12, 2005Meeting

June 8, 2005 Community meeting results

June 8, 2005 meeting agenda and MHOTA impressions

What is it that bothers us?

Old Covenants (PDF file, 600 Kb)

Letter to the regional office of Hometown America

Reply from the regional office

Pine Lakes MHOTA

HOCC materials and meetings

E-mail Peace of Mind LVE Board

Hometown America site on LongView

Rental rates of 2006

Take a look at a letter that Peace of Mind sent to residents, it shows the Community Association budget report and highlights some important neighborhood issues.


This web site originated largely in response to the attempt by Hometown America to change our Lease and Community Guidelines in the Spring 2005. And, the proposed changes are - surprised? - not exactly in our favor. At the community meetings that took place in March, vast majority of the residents expressed serious concerns about the new documents Hometown America has produced. During these meetings, about 20 concerned residents volunteered to carefully examine the Lease and Community Guide lies. Several residents obtained advice from attorneys as well.

After much deliberation, this group of residents (we call ourselves a HomeOwners Concerned Committee, or HOCC) produced a document that summarized the largest of concerns that were expressed at the meetings and came up afterwards. This document was then forwarded to the Management of LongView to be forwarded to the regional manager of Hometown America.

After a while, a HOCC participant have received a response. It does not appear to the HOCC that this response addressed the issues we have brought up. Judge for yourself, or simply consider that out of 53 (fifty three, that is) issues brought up, the regional office chose to address 10 (ten), and stated that per their legal counsel, no further changes will be made to the documents.

At this point HOCC has decided that we have exhausted our "good faith" resources and have to seek legal help. This will ensure that our interests are protected as much as the law allows. By pooling our resources together, we can afford a better lawyer that any one of us can separately.

Additionally, HOCC will be contacting other Hometown America community leaders in Thornton and Castle Rock. We need to join our effort with as many communities as we can if we are to protect ourselves from moving our homes at will, getting into a default on the lease for our dogs barking or having 14 days to remedy problems while Hometown has 90 days for the same issues.

HOCC wants to invite all interested and active homeowners at LongView to participate in our activities. We can use all help we can get! Please call or E-mail us if you know or have hired a layer, or are willing to distribute flyers, or are willing to provide any other help to LongView residents!

Do you live in LongView and think this site lacks luster we deserve? We agree, but only have time to put up information, not to prettify it. Contact us and help make this site as nice as you wish! Unpaid webmaster position is available :-)